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Why do you need tool decontamination?

Tool decontamination is an important process that has positive environmental impacts and can help save you money. Performing decontamination also lengthens the lifecycle of your tools and equipment, keeping them in a usable and efficient state. Decontamination is a value-added service that improves your prospects when you, reuse, resale, repair, refurbish, or relocate your tools. Our decontamination process has been fully developed and vetted by the world's leading OEMs and IDMs and meets or exceeds SEMI S12 standard.


Customized services for your needs

At Retronix Semiconductor, we deliver tool and equipment decontamination services to the semiconductor and solar industry. We can perform tool decontaminations for you in our facilities in Austin, TX and Celbridge, Ireland - or we can visit you and provide you with unmatched on-site tool services.


Rigorous sampling & testing

Every project undergoes a complete and thorough inspection and includes a detailed tool traveler and report packet upon completion of the decontamination sequence. Where needed, we can also provide analysis for arsenic, copper, lead, boron, and phosphorous.


  • Full-panel corrosives testing
  • Fluoride contaminants detection
  • pH testing and reporting
  • Metrology results


We are specialists in decontaminating a variety of tools

We have decades of experience in offering fully documented tool decontamination to ion implanters, chemical mechanical planar systems (CMP), chemical vapor deposition systems (CVD), physical vapor deposition systems (PVD), gas control panels, metrology systems, furnaces, and steppers.