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We operate globally and maintain a strong network of candidates on a worldwide basis. This makes us able to understand local challenges and ensures our ability to respond quickly to labor support requirements. Our recruiters recognize the value of local expertise, but also have the resources to access international candidates, giving you the best of what the world has to offer.


Our service doesn’t stop at recruitment

We provide you and your employees with comprehensive support and work as your partner. Serving as the employer of record while we handle all payroll, benefits, liability, and HR logistics - we help you focus on your core business operations. Beyond recruitment, we know the challenges involved in sourcing and hiring international candidates. Our recruitment team can work alongside you to secure visas, work permits, and arrange international travel. We also conduct quality ongoing employer and employee support that we find is essential for the mutual success between candidate and client.


How it works

Our labor resourcing and support service is a complete solution to your recruitment needs. We work to find you the best candidates while providing support at every stage of recruitment.


Targeted resourcing Screening and vetting Streamlined onboarding Continued support
Our technical recruiters source candidates to fit your scope of work requirements. We conduct one-on-one conversations with candidates and perform extensive background checks. From employment contracts to on-site badging, we can manage onboarding or help you streamline the process.
We provide essential safety and skills training and on-the-job support to your workforce.


Pre-screened candidate database

We know that project success relies on having the right talent in the right place at the right time. Our pre-screened candidate database makes us well-equipped to quickly move forward with the best applicants.